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A successful tour is only possible with a good team. That is why we place great emphasis on the fact that you are accompanied by a good mountain guide or a good tour guide. Because these people accompany you during your entire journey, they are your direct contact when it comes to organizing and running your trip. They are the persons who must be able to solve a problem, if any, and are responsible for the smooth running of your journey. And they are the people who, for you, may need to make a decision.

Especially when travelling in nature, the sense of responsibility characterizes your tour guide or mountain guide. There are moments you have to trust the decision to guide which can be important for your life. And this is neither fun for you nor for us. That is why we have to provide you with a tour guide that we can trust in the first place ourselves. For this reason, we carefully select our guides and train them at regular intervals.
Your safety and satisfaction depends on the quality of our tour guides or mountain guides!

Yüksel Yilmaz (1966) - Owner of the company/Managing director

Managing Director of the company and team leader of the outdoor department. He is the founder of this department and has been working in the mountains since 1998. He has travelled 46 countries and he is a passionate alpinist. He is always looking for new places and responsible for exploring, training the team, and setting up travel programs. His great passion since 2004 is ski-touring and regardless of the challenges, you can see him from time to time at Ararat or other mountains with a ski group. He had been already more than 40 times at the summit of Mt. Ararat and mostly with ski. He has a special way of leading the groups; those who have experienced the tours under his guidance became frequent attendants later.

Nevzat Sahin (1971) - Office Manager

A good organization is only possible with a good background. Nevzat is our man in the background. He does not ski, does not go to the mountains, but he knows the best in the office area. Be it flight booking, hotel reservation or the transfers; he ensures that our groups fly, transported and well accommodated. His presence is crucial and he can be contacted 24 hours of the day.

Med. Dr. Adnan Sari (1965) - Mountain Guide

He is a medical doctor and unfortunately, because of his busy schedule he is not very often present with groups. But groups who were with him know what they have in him. He always leads his groups with humour and fun. Skitour guided by Adnan is an exceptional experience! Adnan is a passionated ski mountaineer since 2004 and has been in his less time already more than 10 times at the summit of Ararat, almost only with skis.

Cihangir Kocer (1967) - Tour guide

Is a state-certified tour guide "graduation 1991" and has already worked with many renowned travel agencies. His main focuses are history and historical art. His hobby, mountain biking occupies him when he is away from the mountains. For the last few years, he has linked his hobbies with his profession. He is guiding now hiking, mountain and cultural groups. 2 years ago he discovered his passion for ski touring and still trying to get perfect at it. Under his guidance, you can relax and enjoy your trip because of his long experience in the travel market, good knowledge about the country and its people, and of course, his funny ways.

Yildirim Beyazit Öztürk (1977) - Ski mountaineering guide

He is a state-certified ski mountain guide and has the most experience in our Mt. Ararat team. His greatest passion in life is probably ski touring. Therefore, he comes from Erzurum, the city of the cold, to spend his every free hour to go skiing. He had been to the summit of Ararat more than 200 times, one-third of them by skis. By his calmness and serenity, our guest feels in safe hands. That's Yildirim!

Mustafa Tekin (1979) - Ski mountaineering guide

He is a state-certified ski mountain guide, who is also not less experienced than Yildirim. He also had been more than 200 times to the summit of Mt. Ararat, one-third of them by ski. He also comes from Erzurum and has enough opportunity to make use of his free time for ski tours. Mustafa has a funny way but does not leave the responsibility out of hand. He ensures a good mood in the group even in the most difficult situations.

Gürcan Karakus (1973) - MTB/Ski mountaineering guide

Gürcan has been on the two wheels since his birth, more than he has been on his legs. While he is not biking, he seeks other extreme challenges such as ski touring. A state-licensed tour/mountain guide Gürcan is greatly experienced in Cappadocia and Lycia with hiking and mountain biking groups. Gürcan impresses his groups with his sympathy and broad knowledge of flora-fauna, culture, history, land and the people.

Yusuf Canbaba (1977) - Mountain guide

State Certified mountain guide and with a great experience in the team of Mt. Ararat and the Munzur Range. Yusuf was grown up in one of the villages at the foot of the Munzur Mountains and still lives in this area. He loves skiing, especially in his homeland, in the Munzur mountains close to Erzincan. Yusuf guides our ski tours during springtime at Munzur Mountains and Mt. Ararat. He also had been to the summit of Mt. Ararat more than 100 times just like our other mountain guides.

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