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Skitours in the Munzur Mountain Range


The Munzur and Kesis mountains lies in the middle of the Anatolian highlands, the highest peaks rise up to more than 3.500m. This area is an insider tip of Turkey's best ski mountaineers. The starting point is the city of Erzincan, situated 1,600 meters high, on the historic Silk Road. The mountains offer tours for every taste - steep valleys or wide snow surfaces for enjoyable descents.



For this tours a good body condition and good skiing skills is required. The ascents and descents are long. On average, 1,400 - 1,600 heights are to be handled, so the slopes are accordingly long. The maximum steepness of the slopes is around 30 °. The selected mountains are ideal skiing places - for enthusiastic ski mountaineers great, exotic destinations which require no special ski skills apart from the necessary physical condition.

Programme itinerary:


1st day: Flight to Istanbul
Flight to Istanbul, transfer to the historical city center. The rest of the day can be used as freetime. Overnight in Istanbul.


2nd: Flight to Erzincan

Transfer to the airport, 1 hour 30 min. flight to Erzincan. Arrival in Erzincan airport,  transfer to the hotel in the city center. Depending on the time of the flight, the rest of the day is free or we take a short ski tour in one of the mountains around Erzincan. Transfer to the hotel, overnight. (B)


3rd day: Skitour Mt. Ergan (3.287 m)

Mt. Ergan is located in the south of Erzincan. About 30 min. Our vehicle brings us to the last village at the foot of the mountain. We drive as far as the snow is reached and start our ski tour here. The ascent and descent are in the north of Ergan, the slopes of the mountain are 25 ° - 30 ° steep. Due to the fact that the slope temporarily flattens, a particularly long descent results. Afterwards we return to Erzincan in our cozy hotel. Elevation difference (depending on the snow) about 1.500 m. (B)

4th day: Skitour Mt. Akbaba (3.445 m)

The second ski tour leads to Mount Akbaba, which is located in the same mountain range of Ergan. We return to the last starting point, starting here, but this time to Mount Akbaba, which is 3,445 m high and belongs to the highest peaks of the Munzur mountains. The descent again takes place over the same route with a steepness of 25 ° - 30 °. Transfer to the hotel, overnight. Elevation difference (depending on snow) about 1,600 m (B)


5th day: Skitour zum Munzur – summit (3.300 m)

Skitour to the Munzur summit which is located southwest of the city. This time the trip is a bit longer, we drive almost an hour to the starting point to the last village. From here we go to the summit with a steepness of 25 ° - 30 °. The difference in altitude (depending on snow) is about 1.400m. (B)


6th day: Skitour Mt. Hel (3.320 m)

The mountain is again in the south of the city. After a 45 min. drive we reach the the last village for to start the ski tour and and step on the skis and start with the ascent. The ascent is 25 ° - 30 ° steep. The elevation difference is 1,500 m on this day. (B)


7th day: Skitour Mt. Esence (3.550 m)

Skitour to the 5th and last tour, the highest summit of the mountain ranges in the area, to Mount Esence, 3.550 m in the Kesis mountains. This one is located north of Erzincan. This time the journey by vehicle takes an hour to the last village at the foot of the mountain. On this day it is a good idea to pass the mountain to the other side. Depending on the weather and snow conditions, the descent is either from the south or from the north of the mountain. Transfer to the hotel, overnight. (B)


8. Tag: Flight home

Propably early in the morning transfer to Erzincan airport. Flight to Istanbul and further to home or optional extension in Istanbul. (F)


You will stay at the Eriza Boutique Hotel in Erzincan based on bed and breakfast.


The ski tours:

5 guided day ski tours from the hotel, in the mountains around Erzincan with a height of up to 3.550 m with degrees of steepness of 30 ° - 35 °.


Ski Guide:

Up to 8 people one guide with English language skills. From the 9th person, another ski leader. You can find out more about our guides here on the team page ...



Currently no restrictions and no specific permit required (as of 2016).


Skiing gear:

You bring your own equipment.


Tour dates:

29.02.2019 - 07.03.2019 


Booking deadline:

1 week before the travel date.


Our services:

  • On request flights from all major European airports via Istanbul to Erzincan and back

  • All necessary land transports

  • Medium class hotel in Erzincan with breakfast

  • English speaking ski mountaineering guide of our company

  • Detailed equipment list


Important notice: Programme could be changed due to weather conditions!


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