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Ski tours in Turkey, Iran and Georgia

The ski adventure with Caria Pan Travel is waiting for You!

We offer ski tours in various regions of Turkey, as well as combined tours to Iran and Georgia. We have a large selection of ski tours in different levels of difficulty for you.

Why Caria Pan Travel?

  • Ski touring experience since 2001

  • An experienced, friendly team that knows what your claims are

  • A very good price performance

  • Responsible tourism - While we earn, we let others earn with us!

  • Our creativity - Always looking for new destinations for you

Our ski touring offers

  • Ski ascent of Mt. Artos (3.537 m), Mt. Süphan (4.058 m) and Mt. Ararat (5.137 m)

  • Hotel based comfortable pre-program for acclimatization

  • Climb of Mt. Ararat with 2 well-stocked camps on the mountain

  • Turkey's highest mountain, the biblical Mt. Ararat

  • The Kackar Mountains, the Turkish Caucasus an the Black Sea

  • 6 guided ski tours from Yaylalar village with little or no drive

  • Very good snow conditions, mostly with powder snow

  • Comfortable family pension in the village Yaylalar (1,930 m) located directly at the foot of the mountains

  • 4 guided ski tours in Aladaglar - Taurus Mountains up to 3.700 m

  • Skiing the volcanoes Mt. Erciyes (3.916) and Mt. Hasan (3.368 m)

  • Cozy accommodation in a family pension in the village Cukurbag

  • 2 days cultural program with guided tour in Cappadocia

  • 6 guided ski tours in the Munzur and Kesis mountains up to 3,500 m altitude

  • Racy powder downhills through steep valleys

  • The city of Erzincan in central Anatolia

  • Cozy little hotel in the town of Erzincan

  • 3 ski tours in the Munzur Mountains around the town of Erzincan in central Anatolia

  • 4 ski tours in the Kackar Mountains from the village of Yaylalar, the Turkish Caucasus near the Black Sea

  • Short exploration of the city of Erzurum while moving to Kackar mountains

  • Cozy hotel in the town of Erzincan and family-run guesthouse in Yaylalar

  • 5 ski tours in the Kackar Mountains from the village of Yaylalar

  • The ski climb of the highest mountain in Georgia, Mt. Kazbek (5,047 m)

  • Experience land crossing from Turkey to Tbilisi

  • Overnight stays in a cozy family pension in Yaylalar, hotel in Tbilisi and tent camp on Mt. Kazbek

  • Ski touring around Lake Van, climbing the mountains around Lake Van

  • 7 ski tours on mountains up to 3.800 m altitude, third highest mountain of Turkey, Mt. Süphan (4.058 m)

  • 8 days - basic program with possibility to extend to 11 days

  • Accommodation in the lively city of Van in eastern Anatolia at Turkey's largest lake

  • Ski tour to Turkey and Iran

  • Ski mountaineering of the highest mountains of two countries, Mt. Ararat (5137 m) and Mt. Demavand (5,671 m)

  • Acclimatization program with climbing the mountains Mt. Artos (5,137 m) and Mt. Süphan (4,058 m)

  • Accommodation in cities in hotels, on the mountains tent camp and hut accommodation

Pik Lenin (7.134 m) - Climbing one of the snow leopard mountains in Kyrgyztan (22 days)

  • Unique mountain landscapes in the Pamir Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

  • Ascent with acclimatization program with a mountain guide of our company

  • Technically simple mountain with well-equipped base camp and advanced base camp with good logistics

  • At the end of the mountain expedition free day in Osh

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