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Skitour Mt. Artos, Mt. Süphan, Mt. Ararat in Turkey and Mt. Demavand (5.671 m) in Iran


Ski tours in the taste of a round trip with numerous ascents. After this trip, once vacation! The journey begins in eastern Turkey with three beautiful ski mountains: Mt. Artos (3,537 m), Mt. Süphan (4,058 m) and Mt. Ararat (5,137 m). Then it goes on overland to Persia. A drive to Tabriz shows what a mountainous landscape Iran has to offer. Demavand, the highest mountain in Iran, is the last mountain to climb. After the climb we take a day in Tehran to visit the sights of the city.

Tour itinerary:

1st day: Flight via Istanbul to Van
Arrived in transfer to the hotel in the city center. Van is the largest city in eastern Turkey with about 350,000 inhabitants. Should the arrival in the city be early, we will explore the city together.

2nd day: Skitour Mt. Artos (3.537 m)
Certainly, Mt. Artos is one of the most beautiful ski mountains in Turkey, at least in the east of the country. A ski tour with lake view. The mountain is located next to Van Lake, the largest lake in Turkey. We will enjoy a breathtaking descent with lake view.

3th day: Skitour Mt. Süphan (4,058 m)
Drive to Adilcevaz, a small town on Lake Van, at the foot of the third largest mountain in Turkey, Mt. Süphan. The ascent of the mountain takes place from the east side, sometimes on the southern slope. A very long downhill ride awaits us to the village of Kiskili. After a little more than 2 hours we reach the city of Dogubayazit. Already on the way you can see the highest mountain on Turkey, Mt. Ararat. In the afternoon we make the final preparations for the climb.

4th day: Campsite
In the morning we load our gear on the vehicles and drive up to the village Cevirme. Here the staff is reloaded on packhorses. The ascent usually takes place on foot to the base camp (about 3 hours). Overnight in the camp in tents at about 2,800 m.

5th dag: high camp
The ascent to the high camp takes about 3 hours. The day is long, it is worth climbing to 4,000 m and back. Overnight in tent camp at 3,500 m.

6th day: Summit of Mt. Ararat
Very early, already in the middle of the night is departure for the summit. 1,600 m have to be climbed, up to 4,400 it is not a problem with skis to ascend, but depending on the snow conditions, it sometimes happens that we let the skis at 4,400 m and continue without skis. Or, we carry the skis 200-300 m on our backs until they are used again. That decide all the circumstances on the mountain. The ascent usually takes 5-6 hours. After the panoramic view on the summit, there will be a great ski downhill. First we go to the high camp for a second breakfast. Then to the base camp. Overnight at the base camp in tents.

7th day: Descent
We pack our things on the horses and descend to the village of Cevirme. The things are transferred from horse to vehicle and then we continue to Dogubayazit to the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.

8th day: Reserve day for Mt. Ararat
This day, if not used on the mountain, will be used to see the sights of Dogubayazit.

9th day: Drive to Iran, flight to Tehran
Depending on the flight time, we start very early on this day. We drive over the border to Iran, which is in only 35 km distance. The journey after border crossing to Tabriz takes 3 1/2 hours. Arrived in Tabriz we fly around an hour to Tehran. Nearly 2 hours we continue from Tehran to Polour, to the hut of the Mountaineering Federation. Overnight in the hut.

10th day: high camp
In the morning we drive to Godsfansara with off-road vehicles to the starting point of the ascent of Mt. Demavand, the highest mountain of Iran, the mountain of spirits. Things are reloaded on packhorses, the climb ends at the high camp in the hut. Even in the worst conditions, we are protected in this hut. Overnight in the hut (4,200 m).

11th day: Summit day
The ascent from the hut takes about 5 hours. The view extends to the Caspian Sea and Tehran. After the ascent of the smoking volcano we we ski down to the high camp. Overnight in the camp.

12th day: Reserve day
This day is available as a reserve day for bad conditions. Should this not be used, we descend down to Polour to the hut. Overnight stay.

13th day: Drive to Tehran
We drive 2 hours to Tehran to the hotel. The rest of the day is free. Overnight at hotel.

14th day: Cultural Day Tehran
Today, visits of the interesting sights of the capital of Iran are on the program.

15th day: Flight home
Transfer to the airport, drive home.

They live in middle class hotels with breakfast and in the huts / camps on the mountains with full board.


The ski tours:
Ski mountaineering of the mountains Mt. Artos, Mt. Süphan, Mt. Ararat and Mt. Demavand (5,671 m) with inclines of 25 ° - 35 °.


Up to 6 people a ski guide with German or English language skills. You can find out more about our team on the team page ...



The permit work we do for you. However, you need an entry visa to Iran (at least 1 month before arrival to request!)


Ski equipment:
You bring your own.


Tour dates: 

28.03.2019 - 11.04.2019

Booking deadline:
is 60 days before the travel date


Our services:

  • On request flights from all major European airports Istanbul to Tehran and back

  • All necessary land transport

  • Domestic flight from Tabriz to Tehran

  • Middle-class hotels with breakfast and tent camp with full board

  • Tents, pack animals, kitchen equipment, kitchen team, full board at the tent camp

  • Ski guide of our company

  • English speaking tour guide throughout the trip

  • Obtaining the permits

Important notice: Programme could be changed due to weather conditions!


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